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1st November 2021

The Healing Connection CBG Oil Review

by Tom Bourlet - the CBD Sloth - - 28 October 2021

This is the second product I’m testing by The Healing Connection, the Spanish brand that is making waves across Europe in the CBD industry, following on from my review of the Pet CBD oil.

I’m now taking a closer look at the Healing Connection CBG oil, something I’m always a fan of testing out and don’t feel there is enough of currently on the market.

This is the latest product in their range, following on from their CBD oils, balms and capsules.

How Much CBG Do You Get?

You will get 5% CBG and CBGA combined, while this is a 10ml tincture, meaning 500mg of CBG/CBGA.

They utilise CO2 extraction methods on the cold pressed organic hemp oil, derived from hemp seeds. THC was recorded under 0.05% on the batch-related analysis.

Which Carrier Oil Do They Use?

Keeping it all hemp based, they use 76% hemp oil and 24% hemp extract. Hemp oil is packed full of essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins, meaning it isn’t just the bioavailability of CBD that you’re benefitting from.

Is This 100% Organic?

Something I’m always keen to check up on, due to how highly porous hemp is, I’m happy to say it is organic.

They use organic industrial hemp, in accordance with the common catalogue of varieties of agricultural plant species, accordant to the applicable EC regulations.

This is incredibly important to check, to ensure the CBG oil is free from pesticides, heavy metals and other residues you don’t want to find.

How Much Do You Use?

While cannabigerol oil is a relatively new area for most, even the more experienced CBD users, with not many products on the market, the general recommendation around dosage is virtually identical to CBD oils.

You should therefore aim not to have more than 70mg of CBG in a 24 hour period.

A tincture such as this should contain around 240 drops, which would mean each drop should contain 2.08mg of CBG/CBGA.

They recommend starting with one drop and then gradually moving up to 5-8 drops per day, based on your body and the effects. I skipped the gradual process as I know my body is very much used to the consumption of cannabinoids and went straight for 6-8 drops per day.

As with CBD oil, I took it in a single dosage in the evening, 45 minutes before I went to bed, but you can adapt your timing and dosage based on your personal requirements.

Who Are The Healing Connection?

The Healing Connection is a Spanish hemp brand launched by Mandy Hazard, someone who has sadly been fighting cancer, while you can read her heart-warming story here.

Mandy has used her personal knowledge and experience utilising cannabis to introduce a brand that holds strong ethical values and aims to help people in difficult situations with a natural solution.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can order The Healing Connection CBG oil from their website for €50.

Shipping in Spain costs a flat fee of €8,05, while to the rest of the EU is a flat fee of €13,20, which is sent tracked and signed for.

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Tom's review is available on his website : The Healing Connection CBG Oil Review.

18th October 2021

The Healing Connection Pet CBD Review

by Tom Bourlet - the CBD Sloth - - 14 October 2021

There seems to be a rapidly growing CBD market in Spain, where I’m finding some amazing brands who are selling across the EU.

The Healing Connection is one of those, being based in Alicante, a beautiful part of Spain found along the South East coast, nested between Murcia and Valencia.

I want to make a quick note, that due to the laws in the UK, I want to state that I am not recommending you give CBD to your pets, I’m simply talking about this product.

Dr Katherine Kramer from Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital highlighted that you should still tell your vet before giving CBD to a pet.

THC Free Is 100% Critical

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psycho-toxic compound that gets you ‘high’. For the cannabis plant to qualify as hemp, it has to have under 0.2% THC, however it may still have small amounts in certain CBD products.

THC is toxic to dogs, while it’s very easy to give them too much. Interestingly, dogs do have cannabinoid receptors in the brain, as we are only just starting to learn more about their endocannabinoid system.

To find out if your product is free from THC, you should always check the lab report before making a purchase, to check the cannabinoid profile. It might sound intimidating, but it’s a lot easier than it sounds, while you can learn more about lab reports here.

If you cannot find a lab report on a product page on the website or via a QR code on the product, then you simply need to email the brand and they should email it straight over.

This contains 2.5% CBD/CBDA from a 10ml tincture, making it 250mg of CBD, derived from gentle cold-compressed hemp oil, using CO2 extraction methods.

You get 240 drops from a single tincture, meaning each drop contains 1.04mg of CBD.

Hypothetically, How Would A Pet Take It?

Talking hypothetically, if you were to give this to a dog, you would either add it to their normal food or you can place it under their tongue.

Some dogs are more sensitive to things being added to their foods than others. While some might wolf it down, some might be a little more fussy.

I’ve heard of a few people adding it to water, but I think most dogs will notice the difference in taste.

If this is the case, you can disguise it in treats that have a strong aroma, such as bacon or cheese based treats. Or if you simply add it to their food, make sure to mix it completely in so it’s less conspicuous.

They recommend on the packaging that you can begin with one drop and then build up from there if required after four to five days. The maximum they recommend is 5-8 drops in a 24 hour period.

Is This Organic?

When ordering a CBD oil, you should always try to make sure it’s completely organic, as hemp is highly porous, meaning it soaks up everything really easily.

For this reason, you don’t want the farmers to use pesticides or chemical fertilisers, as these would then be present in the oil extract. This is another reason why it is important to check lab reports before making a purchase.

Fortunately, I can tell you that this product utilises organic methods on their EU farms, while they also use non-GMO crops.

Where Can I Order This From?

The Healing Connection Pet CBD Oil can be ordered from their website for €25, which works out as £21.42 at time of writing.

Shipping in Spain costs a flat fee of €8.05, while to the rest of the EU is a flat fee of €13.20, which is sent tracked and signed for.

Read the review on the CBD Sloth website

Tom's review is available on his website : The Healing Connection Pet CBD Review.