Prostate Cancer

CBD and Prostate Cancer

Approximately 14% of men will be diagnosed with the prostate cancer during their lifetime.

After lung cancer, prostate cancer is the second most fatal cancer. Approximately 2.6% of men diagnosed with the condition will die from it. While there are many treatments for the condition, interesting new research suggests that CBD could potentially kill prostate cancer cells.

Traditional treatments and side effects

Treatment for prostate cancer varies according to the ‘stage’ the disease is in. For example, stage 1 prostate cancer could involve radiation therapy. In stage 3, you may require external radiation plus hormone therapy. Because the range of treatments varies, so do the side effects which include: bowel dysfunction, urinary dysfunction, loss of fertility and erectile dysfunction.

While the majority of treatments for localised prostate cancer are excellent, an increasing number of men are looking at CBD as a natural alternative.

CBD and Prostate Cancer

Human trials have been completed for cannabinoid therapy for chemotherapy-related nausea, vomiting, and pain. It is shown to help support the body to cope with chemotherapy treatment better but also help ease the pain and vomiting. There are two synthetic cannabinoid medications are available to chemotherapy patients. Of course synthetic is generally not as good as the natural products!

CBD may be capable of killing prostate cancer cells

Exciting new research suggests CBD could be capable of killing cancer cells and specifically prostate cancer cells. Laboratory and animal research on cannabis for prostate cancer has had positive results. In 2012, a paper discussing the potential clinical applications of the herb found that pre-clinical evidence is promising enough to warrant clinical trials of cannabinoids medicines as anti-cancer agents.

The research suggests that it could become a valuable new therapeutic tool, especially in men with bone metastatic prostate cancer, whom would not only benefit from the possible antiandrogenic effects of cannabinoids but also from analgesia of bone pain, improving quality of life, while reducing narcotic consumption and preventing opioid dependence.

The review also cited research affirming that prostate cancer cells have increased expression cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoid receptors are like locks for cannabinoids like THC. The human body creates its own compounds that are very similar to THC, called endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids have a variety of functions in the body, including the regulation of mood, memory, immunity, metabolism, sleep, and pain. The increased amount of receptors on prostate cancer cells is a sign that something is out of balance with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Studies suggest that marijuana produces beneficial anti-androgenic effects

Androgens are male sex hormones (which include testosterone) that cause the growth of prostate cells. One notable treatment for this form of cancer is known as ‘androgen deprivation therapy.’ As the name suggests, it deprives the body of androgens to slow the growth of the cancer. Studies suggest that marijuana produces anti-androgenic effects. Perhaps the most exciting news of all relates to the possible use of CBD to fight prostate cancer.

The British Journal of Pharmacology published a study in 2012 which discovered that other compounds besides THC had anti-tumor effects when tackling prostate cancer cells.

In some tests, CBD actually resulted in the self-destruction of cancer cells! Treatment with cannabinoids reduced the viability of prostate cancer cells with CBD as the standout performer.

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