GoFundMe Fundraising Appeal

In June 2020 I was told that my cancer had reactivated and was growing. It has spread to my liver again and also, critically, into three lymph nodes near my heart. I really need your support. My sister, Theresa, has created a GoFundMe Fundraising Appeal to fund my treatment. Please read below and then consider making a donation.

Thank you



15 October 2020

Mandy Hazard 2 – Cancer 0 – Help make it a Hat-Trick

Theresa Hampton is organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of Margaret Hazard.

Ten years ago I received a call at work informing me that my sister Mandy only had a few hours to live. I did not expect her to be alive by the time I had flown across Europe to be with her in Spain where she lives. Miraculously and against all odds, she survived, and after a session of dialysis, clawed herself up to a point where the surgeons said they would operate. From there, for 10 years, Mandy has fought her way to partial remission.

The tenacity and intelligence of Mandy combined with her determination to live has enabled her to achieve amazing and unprecedented results for someone with rare and incurable Stage IV Pancreatic Neuroendocrine cancer this last 10 years.  Two years ago she was moved back to Stage 1 after successfully removing all the metastasis and reducing the cancer by over 80%.

Mandy is such a fun, outgoing, flamboyant person, who lights up any room she walks into, she will help anybody and is incredibly generous with her love, time and energy.  Her determination and spark for life pushed her through the worst of times and helped kick the big C’s arse.  The knowledge she’s gained from trying to beat this horrible disease, gave her a new lease of life.  Since being in partial remission she has redefined herself and made a career solely focused on helping others, not only in the Cancer world but anybody that needs help, strength or even just a hug.

Sadly, and as is often the case, in June of this year we found out that the cancer had reactivated and was growing. It had spread to her liver again and critically, also into three lymph nodes near her heart. She went back to her Oncologist in Germany and was told that the Radio Peptide Treatment that worked so well before was the only treatment that could target the cancer directly.  Remarkably, because of all the elements Mandy incorporates as part of her healthy lifestyle, despite the reactivation of her cancer, Mandy is currently symptom free.

Mandy’s successful remission and containment of this cancer only came with a combination of the things she was doing for herself, an amazing holistic Immune support and therapy protocol in Stuttgart, Germany and the 3 Radio Peptide Treatments she had had under the Professor of Nuclear Medicine at  the University Hospital in Tübingen, Southern Germany.  Unfortunately, this treatment is only offered in Spain AFTER all other non-targeting treatments have been exhausted.  The program on non-targeting treatments outlined by Mandy’s Oncologist in Spain will take at least a year before there can be a referral for Radio Peptide Treatment.    Additionally, Mandy’s previous experience, body sensitivity and reactivity to the non targeting treatments was extreme and life threatening.  This is aside from the fact that they were largely ineffective.

Mandy does not have the luxury of a year ‘trying out’ other non-directive treatments.

The advice from the Professor of Nuclear Medicine is that it is imperative to bring the cancer to a stable and manageable level as soon as possible using the Radio Peptide Treatment.  The treatment involves a Pet-CT scan to evaluate the cancer activity, a kidney function scan and then a Radio-active molecule combination in an infusion. This is then repeated 3 or 4 months later. There are only two treatments left that Mandy’s body can take, each costing around 25,000€. The best place to have this treatment is at University Hospital in Tübingen, Southern Germany so that there is absolute continuity in the scans and Mandy’s treatment.  We are trying to get her to this hospital for the treatment as soon as possible.  We want to stabilise the cancer so that the other treatments have an even chance of keeping the cancer stable.  This is such a rare cancer, and effective treatments are very limited.  While they are being developed, Mandy’s need is of the utmost urgency so, in the meantime, we need to move fast.  For a decade now she has been a Warrior in fighting this mercurial disease and her spirit remains bright and her attitude, as ever, is strong.  Let’s combine our efforts and join her in the quest to conquer this cancer.

All I want to do is help her and keep her in my life as long as possible and in the peoples’ lives that depend on her.  I would really appreciate any contributions to help keep my sister here with us, not only for me and my family, but for her to continue helping so many people in very dark places and pass on her spark and determination to others.