Find out how CBD oils can help you, in a private consultation

Navigate the cannabis maze at The Healing Connection

We offer the opportunity to book a private consultation with Mandy in your own home or over a pre-arranged video or telephone call.

Mandy is a certified Cannabis Consultant and has personal experience of living with and surviving stage 4 cancer.

She has made it her business to research as much information she can find on personalised cannabis medicine and can share her knowledge, resources and offer you possible alternatives and/or additional supplementation.

With this knowledge, Mandy can discuss with you, in a private environment, any issues, conditions or problems you may be facing. She is keen to open possibilities to people only exposed to conventional medicine. We are, in no way, advocating rejecting conventional treatments but instead offer ways of helping against the side effects and increasing the efficacy of any treatment you have chosen, as well as supporting you through these treatments and improving the quality of your life. We can also offer help if you have chosen a totally natural route of healing.

Consultation topics covered include:

  • Individualised dosing instructions, calculated to mg
  • Maximized cannabinoid efficacy
  • Medical record review
  • Diet and supplement review and recommendations
  • Drug review and interaction prevention review including application of specific relevant research recommendations for cannabinoid treatment of chemo and radiation side effects
  • Recommendations for reduction of high dose cannabinoid therapy side effects

Book a consultation

To book a consultation we prefer that you contact us using our email message facility on the Contact page because we are often with a client and cannot easily take a phone call.

Alternatively, you can email us using

You can also get in touch on the The Healing Connection Facebookâ„¢ page and we will email you information and appointment times.

Prior to any consultation taking place, we will send you a short form to be filled out and returned beforehand.

The cost of private consultations is 40€ per hour.