Dad migrane

Dad migrane

I just wanted to write and give you a big thank you from myself and my father in law. Dad has had migraines and clusters since he was 8 and they have got worse with age. He had to retire in his mid-50s as they got to the point they were constant, vicious circle of excruciating pain and depression. We had tried everything to help him from tongue tie surgery, oxygen tanks, magic mushrooms, space cake, you name it … the oil is the first thing to have helped. You are a star.

He has been taking The Healing Connections oil now for 6 weeks and, albeit he is still experiencing some headaches and the odd migraine, it has improved his symptoms some 70-80%.

In addition, he has been able to cut down on his pain relief, cutting this out almost all together and is on 1/8 of the sumatriptan he was taking previously.

It was very emotional; 2 weeks in when I asked him whilst we were digging in the garden how the oil was going and he started crying, saying he didn’t dare say out aloud in case it stopped working. Even my mother-in-law is converted, she was very apprehensive, but says he is like a new man, much happier and easier to live with!

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