Lisa D-H

Lisa D-H

Within just 4 months of taking the Healing Connection CBD 5% oil:Menopause sweats had decreased from 15 a day to just 3, cholesterol was normal, back pain disappeared, concerning skin mole disappeared, liver enzymes returned to normal.

Six months ago, I went to the doctor because I had numerous problems, a very swollen stomach, I had numerous blood tests and the result came back as one being very high liver enzymes, I was on a statin of 40mg with very high (good) cholesterol, my LDL (bad) cholesterol was 11 and has been this level for about 2 years. (It should read less than 3). I was on diuretics because some smart person told me 10 years ago, it would help me lose weight! I’ve always had terrible trouble sleeping, and have recently started the menopause, together with arthritis in my back!I left the doctors in somewhat panic mode. You only get one liver! Later that night I was on social media and stumbled across somebody recommending The Healing Connection. (What a Godsend!)  That night, I looked up The Healing Connection and read Mandy’s story (what an incredible, inspirational story it is!) and all the information that the site had. I sent an e-mail to Mandy with all my woes. I told her I was coming to Spain and we arranged a meeting at her lovely shop. Mandy was very encouraging and so kind to me at the other end of the email. 

When I got to Spain I just couldn’t wait to meet Mandy. She greeted me so warmly, like a long lost friend, I told her all of my problems and she couldn’t have been nicer to me. What a beautiful soul she is. Mandy explained all about the CBD oils, and their benefits, and how the Endocannabinoid System works. I found this so fascinating.

I left Mandy’s shop with hope. She made me feel so at ease and I felt a peace that I hadn’t done since visiting the doctors. Mandy suggested I start on the 5% of the CBD Oil. In the meantime, my doctor had taken me off the 40mg statins because of the liver enzymes.

I had been taking the oil from April 2018 and in July of this year, I had to go for my three monthly blood test to see whether any of my problems was either beginning to ease a little or had got worse. I was extremely nervous – actually I was terrified.

Here are the results – my liver enzymes had returned to normal!!! My good cholesterol was normal!!! My bad cholesterol was 1. Yes 1!!!! (without the statins!). I slept better than I had done in years. The pain in my back no longer exists and my menopause sweats had gone from 15 a day to about 3! I’m no longer taking diuretics, and I didn’t swell up (I just stopped). Nothing happened!

I have to mention also that whilst I was taking the CBD oil, my husband had a suspect mole I had been asking him to get looked at for a few years. He kept ignoring me, Mandy suggested I rub some oil onto the suspect mole, so I did. It went black and fell off! It just disappeared!! This in particular gives me goosebumps every time I think of what could have happened.

I am in awe of Mandy, she has I would say really saved me from a step away from disaster! I cannot thank this beautiful, kind, caring soul enough. I just can’t imagine her never being in my life.

I have my parents on the oil. My mums’ diabetes has decreased, she’s stopped taking her cholesterol medication, her blood pressure has also lowered.

I have recommended a few friends to Mandy, some that can’t sleep that now can, and some that have other ailments that have miraculously disappeared! This really is a miracle medicine, and seeing the results of my blood tests, I will never shop anywhere other than the Healing Connection for my oils. Lisa DH..

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