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The Healing Connection is based on the Costa Blanca in beautiful Spain and offers personal, honest help, advice and consultation support on CBD therapeutics to ensure you are completely happy. CBD can be used in all aspects of healing whether it be physical, emotional or general well being and we share all our experiences with the healing plant with you so you can make a valued judgement.

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Mandy’s Story

Medical marijuana … I had no idea of the impact that this would have … not only did it change my life and my family’s lives; it saved mine.

In February 2011 a very large tumour was discovered in my abdomen. It was so large and had caused so much havoc in my body that I was given literally hours to live. Obnoxiously, I refused to die and survived the night!

My husband, Steve, gave the ok for me to endure 8 hours of dialysis giving my body a small chance of surviving an operation. The anaesthetist entered the room and slapped my face to see if I was a fighter, before giving the go ahead for an operation. As I was wheeled into surgery, I apparently raised my arm in the ‘Amandla’ Black Power fist and swore loudly to Steve and Theresa (my husband and my sister) “They’ll never take me alive!” Quite belligerent really, for someone who had almost shuffled off this mortal coil the night before…


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Within just 4 months of taking The Healing Connection CBD 5% oil for Menopause, sweats had decreased from 15 a day to just 3, cholesterol was normal, back pain had disappeared, concerning skin mole had disappeared and liver enzymes returned to normal!

Lisa D-H

I must admit I was sceptical about CBD when I heard about it a year ago. I met Mandy, who is a wealth of information, and after our chat I decided to try it myself. Although I didn’t have anything specific to use it for, I decided it would be good for my general maintenance.


I had the great pleasure of meeting Mandy a couple of months ago. I had heard the CBD oil could help with anxiety and headaches. I was sceptical and concerned whether it was legal. Mandy spent time explaining all about how it works and it’s legality.


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